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Why in the world is not there a dating website for black colored atheists?

Why in the world is not there a dating website for black colored atheists?

There’s some internet guideline that goes over the relative lines of “If you would imagine it, it exists on the internet.” Maybe I’m confusing it with Rule 34 (If you think it, there’s porn from it). But fundamentally, I’ve always thought of this internet as being a haven for the congregating of niche and voices that are segmented a market of hawk-eyed entrepreneurs prepared to serve them. I g gled “black atheist dating sites” and came up with so it was much to my surprise when, on some random whim . zilch—a dearth of present content.

What I did find ended up being just like a field that is barren with abandoned Blogspot articles from 2009 to 2012. WordPress graveyards, old podcasts, tiny forums and Reddit convos mostly expressing exhaustion about being fully a black colored atheist wanting to date other black people—most of those from males, a certain one aptly entitled, “Can Atheist Brothas be Blamed for L king Outside Their battle for any other Atheist ladies?” while another posited, “Black ladies prefer to date a medication dealer when compared to a black colored male atheist.”

Fascinating material. But, after some moderate lurking and subsequent cackling, I happened to be kept with some concerns. What’s dating like for them? Exactly what outlets that are online they have even with this style of social mingling? By all reports, atheists surviving in the U.S. generally speaking are a definite little section of this populace. That number is dramatically smaller whenever you specify black people in the usa. The number of black people who identify as atheist or “religiously unaffiliated” is still marginal despite a growing number of people who prefer to identify as “spiritual” as opposed to Christian. Devamını oku